Letters of Rec

I will write letters of rec for people who ask me if you: have been my student (and didn't say disparaging things about cute animals while in my class) or if you are a friend, artist, or colleague with whom I've worked for a year or more. I cannot write letters for people who I do not know, or who I feel are  not ready to apply to grad school. I take my letters of rec pretty seriously.

Below are the things I require. Other professors/artists will not be as needy. But, they will probably not write as good a letter as I will. :) I take great care to write letters that are specific to your practice and personality, and that address the individual programs that you are applying to:

1. A copy of your application essay

2. A copy of your portfolio (digital)

3. A casual explanation of why you are applying to these particular schools

4. Clear instructions about how the letter is to be submitted: if it is to be mailed, you must send me a stamped and addressed envelope and all the necessary forms. if it is to be submitted online, I need the link to the application form online. If it is to be emailed, I need the name, department, and email address of the person who is to receive it.

5. A clear list of DEADLINES. When must each letter be MAILED (not received, but mailed or postmarked)

6. Reminders! I have too many requests from too many people about too many different things. I will forget your deadlines - don't take it personally. I forget my own deadlines. THEREFORE, you must send mea reminder via email or text, ONE WEEK prior to the postmark deadline for the letter. NOTE: If you have received indication from me that I have already sent the letter (ie, a cc on the email or a copy of the letter), you do not need to send reminders. :)

7. I NEED ITEMS 1-5 at least 3 weeks in advance of the deadline. If you are not yet done with your essay, send me the best draft you've got.

Sorry if this sounds like a lot - but it's generally stuff you have to do for the applications anyway. If you can't get it together to get me the above things, you're probably not ready for grad school.

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