Saturday, October 24, 2009

Artist Residencies

Well, having done only one residency, I'm certainly no expert in this category, but below are some of the residencies  and studio programs that seem to be most popular (and interesting). Again, and as always, in no particular order:

a good program for aspiring photojournalists. Involves travel and photography!

Terra (France)

Vermont Studio Program
1-3 month programs that provide studio, room, and board. relatively expensive, unfortunately, but good.

Cowhouse Studios, Ireland

GuestHaus Residency, Los Angeles
for artists and scholars who need a place to stay while working on a project in LA (must be a project with a designated location/exhibition space)

McColl Residency, Charlotte, NC

Tilian Farm Development Residency

Denniston Farming residency

Montalvo, (California)

Smithsonian Fellowship

Princeton Hodder Fellowship (for artists and writers)

Georgia Fee Arts writing residency in Paris

For a fantastic repository of residencies around the world, visit: Resartis

Another residency repository: Residency Unlimited

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